Terms and Conditions

We are obliged to provide you with formal terms and conditions.
Elite Town Cars operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
Bookings for Public holidays are subject to availability and special negotiated rates will apply.
Reply to Booking Email confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Booking Fee & Balance Payable:

All Mastercard/Visa payments incur NO surcharge. Amex incur sa 5% surcharge.
A 50% Booking Fee may be incurred at the time of booking.
We request you check the details of the hire carefully and notify us immediately of any errors.
Payment by cheque can be arranged though it is not preferred.  Due to time taken to manually process individual cheques at the bank a $5 fee applies to cheque payments.
EFT payments must be made 2 business days BEFORE travel otherwise payments will not be received due to bank delays.
Approved Companies may be offered an account.  Payments are due by the date on provided invoices.
Bookings from account holders hold the same cancellation penalties as cash customers. 

Payment Methods Available:

Elite Town Cars accepts Cash, EFT, Cheques, Cab Charge and Credit Cards.
Mastercard/Visa details must be provided prior to the journey.
All Mastercard/Visa payments incur NO surcharge. Amex incurs a 5% surcharge.
Cash payments are to be given to the driver BEFORE the commencement of the journey.

Non-Appearance of Client:

If a client/passenger fails to arrive at the designated location and/or has not informed Elite Town Cars of any change of plan then the full amount will be charged plus wait time where applicable.


In the unfortunate event that the client/passenger cancels their confirmed booking the following terms will apply:
All Booking Fees are non refundable and are enforceable for account customers.
If the cancellation is within 48 hours of confirmed appointment then the full amount may be charged.

Customer Safety:

Our Drivers will at all times drive at safe and sensible speeds as in accordance with legal speed limits, traffic and current road conditions and further more the driver reserves the right to deny access to a venue that they feel may put the passengers and vehicle in an unsafe situation.

Hire Price / Alterations to Pre Bookings:

The cost of the vehicle hire is guaranteed providing that the payment schedule for the hire is adhered to and the original structure of the hire is not altered.
If you wish to make minimal changes to your booking after we have issued a booking confirmation we will do our best to help you, however if the change or changes alter the structure of the booking/hire/services, charges will be made accordingly where applicable (late changes to bookings should be requested no less than 24 hours prior to the journey). We will make every effort to accommodate last minute changes but unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees.
We will take into consideration reasons beyond your control if you have to change your travel itinerary with us and of course make every effort to accommodate this also.

Seat Belts:

It is compulsory by law that all passengers wear seat belts at all times when the vehicle is in motion.  The driver is not legally liable in a Small Charter Vehicle in WA for passengers who do not wear seatbelts.

On Time:

Please be assured that Elite Town Cars will take every reasonable safeguard to achieve an on time service, however in the unlikely event of our drivers being late due to circumstances howsoever caused, no liability will be accepted by Elite Town Cars.

Pickup Times and Passenger Delays:

When allocating a pickup time we allow a 5 minute window for loading of luggage etc.  If a passenger has not boarded the vehicle after 10 minutes costs may be incurred at a pro-rata hourly rate.  
If the delay exceeds 15 minutes the driver will notify the passenger by SMS if the vehicle is required to depart for the next pickup. No refunds will be applied if the passenger is delayed and the vehicle departs.
If you are going to be delayed please notify Elite Town Cars by SMS (Ph: 0408244498) as soon as possible.

Airport Transfers:

In regard to airport pick-ups, Elite Town Cars will monitor inbound aircraft movements as per available on the internet and endeavour be at the terminal to meet the incoming flight number provided.  
If an incorrect flight number is provided you will be billed for the driver attending the terminal.
If your flight arrival time varies substantially from the scheduled time,  there is a chance delays in pickup may occur.

Domestic Airport pickups: We allow for a 20 minutes wait once the aircraft has landed. If the passengers or baggage are delayed beyond this time, a pro-rata hourly wait charge may be applied to the final booking price.

International Airport pickups: Your driver may arrive 15 minutes AFTER the aircraft has landed unless we are requested otherwise.  

A 30 minute waiting allowance will begin after the driver starts at the terminal.  After the first 30 minutes, pro-rata hourly fee may be applied to the final rate.
If the passenger has not contacted Elite Town Cars (Ph: 0408244498) or the driver in the terminal within 60 minutes of the aircraft landing, the driver may depart the airport if they are required for another transfer.  If this occurs, you will still be charged for the full hire fee.


We are insured for passenger travel. This insurance is for public liability and NOT travel insurance. Although every effort will be made to ensure the safe keeping of personal property, we do not accept liability for the loss of personal items. Please check that you have sufficient coverage for any personal property that you bring onto our vehicles.

Chauffeur Attire:

Elite Town Cars drivers will wear at a minimum a shirt collar and tie, a smart formal suit.

Alcohol Consumption:

It is now legal for occupants of a WA registered SCV plated vehicle to consume alcohol whilst in the vehicle.  Elite Town Cars may also supply alcohol under some certain and strict circumstances.  Please ask when booking form further details.  Any food or drink consumed in the vehicle must be taken away at the end of the hire. 


If any of your guest spill a beer or a wine in the cars, you will be charged a cleanup fee. Cleanup fees start at $75 and limit at the replacement cost of the damaged area.


Public Health and Safety requires we maintain a non-smoking policy in all of our vehicles, however additional time can be added to the journey at the time of booking to allow the driver to make additional stops allocated for smoking breaks though we prefer passengers do not board the vehicles immediately after a cigarette due to residual odours. Please allow 5 minutes after completion of smoking before getting into the vehicle.


We do not accept responsibility for injury, sickness or death of account holder, or passengers, except where such death, injury or sickness is proven without doubt to be caused by negligence of an employee of Elite Town Cars.

Force Majeure:

We shall not be liable for any loss or delay caused as a result of the following: strike action, industrial disputes, riots, political unrest, hostilities, war or the threat of war, terrorism, fire, flood, and technical/weather problems with airlines or ferry operators, weather conditions or any other event beyond our control.

 Luggage Information:

In general our Sedan maximum luggage limitations run to 2 normal sized suitcases plus 1 piece of hand luggage /soft luggage OR 1 large size suitcase plus 1 set of Golf clubs and soft luggage.

For reasons of safety Luggage CANNOT carried inside the vehicle cabin.  Additional Luggage Transfer will be a further cost to the client, price on application at the time of booking.

Vehicle Presentation:

Clients/Passengers are responsible for any damage or soiling they cause to the interior and or exterior of an Elite vehicle whilst on hire to them and or during the journey. Such clients will be invoiced accordingly for any repair or valeting required to return the vehicle to pre-hire order.  ONLY CLEAR LIQUIDS ARE TO BE CONSUMED INSIDE THE VEHICLE. (NO RED WINE)

A minimum charge of $500 stands for any soiling by ANY bodily fluids.

Inappropriate Behaviour:

Clients/Passengers acting in an anti-social manner, causing unwarranted distraction to the driver or generally causing concerns regarding safety will be asked to leave the vehicle and seek alternative transport to their destination. No refund will be offered in these circumstances.

Corporate Client Accounts:

We ask that all Corporate Accounts be settled within 15 days from end of month.
Please email Elite Town Cars for further information for a Corporate Account.


Please note: Persons purchasing any goods outside of Tour entitlements, such as wine, food, art etc , are responsible for the paying of such goods.


These general terms and conditions apply to all wedding bookings plus the additional terms and conditions as listed below:

Payment :

A non refundable booking fee of 50% of the total cost will be required on the day of booking. The balance payable will be required no later than 1 month prior to the wedding date.

Overtime Rates:

If the wedding exceeds the finish time as agreed at the time of booking, overtime rates will apply and will be charged accordingly.
Please note: Overtime will be at the discretion of the chauffeur ensuring this does not conflict with prior booked commitments.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions:

Elite Town Cars reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without notice. Please check these conditions at the time of booking and before the transfer as no notification of change will be made.